Add more information to your profile

Adding more information to your profile is quite simple and will ensure that prospective partners are not wasting their time finding out information that should have been in your profile.

Although you are free to leave your profile at the basic sign up, this will not allow prospective matches see who you really are and will probably negatively impact your chances of finding a match.

Adding more information to your Profile

Select the Profile tab at the bottom of the cover image and select “Edit”. This will then show 5 tabs titled “Base”, “Myself Summary”, “Looking For”, “Lifestyle” and Physical.

Each of these tabs will allow you to tell prospective partners about the real you, who you are and what makes a perfect match for you.

Base is the basic information that we gathered when you first created your account. This is your name, age, gender, gender you are looking for etc. This should be complete already, but you can change any information here if you need to.

Myself Summary. This is where you put in your likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies.

Looking For. This where you put information about your potential matches, things you are passionate about in a partner, things you are looking for in a partner and things that you consider a turn off

Lifestyle. This is where you can define your lifestyle choices like interests, your ideal first date, the type of relationship you are looking for, whether you drink or smoke and the language you speak.

Physical. This is where you can put in your physical attributes like height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, ethnicity and best feature you are looking for in a potential match. You are not obliged to filling in all of these fields or even any of them if you don’t feel comfortable filling them in.

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