Don’t forget to update your Profile Picture

Updating you profile picture is quite simple and straightforward.

While in your profile page, you will see the default avatar below your name. You can get to your profile page by clicking the Profile button  on the top of all pages.

Hovering your mouse over the image will bring up the text, “Change Photo”. Click on the text and then locate your photo that you want to use for your profile. You have the option to take a photo if you are using a device that is capable of this.

If you are on a mobile device, clicking the bottom of the default avatar will show the text. Simply follow the steps to select your photo.

Alternative Method

You can also select the profile tab below the avatar image and select “Change Profile Photo” which you will see next to the highlighted “View” button

Change Cover Image

While you are here, you may want to change the cover image to something that reflects the real you. The cover image is the blue background section where your profile photo and your basic profile sits.

Simply select the “Change Cover Image” button, select your cover image and this will be uploaded and used. There is a guide that suggests to use an image that is larger than 940px and 225px tall.

You may want to experiment and you can change your profile photo or your cover image as often as you like

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