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    When you create an account on this site, we only ask basic information to get you started. There are more profile sections that you can fill in giving you the best possible chance to find the person you are looking for. Select the Profile button at the top of the page or under the View Members menu item to go to your profile. You will notice the Profile tab is selected and also the view button is selected. From here, you can change your profile photo or you can change your cover image, that is the background image behind your profile details.
    Clicking Edit, will open up tabs that allow you to edit information about yourself including the original information that you filled in when creating the account. The tabs are, Myself Summary where you can put in your likes, dislikes, interests and hobbies. Looking for, Lifestyle and physical are more information about you that will help narrow your search. You can put in as much or as little information as you are comfortable with.

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